What Is Minus Method™ Light & Sound Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind in which you suspend your normal analytical thinking, and enter into an open, accepting frame of mind to accept ideas to more easily

Lose Weight, Break Habits, Self Betterment, Remove Phobias and more...with REAL RESULTS!


3d virtual reality 

  • Ultra-Effective Light & Sound Hypnosis
  • 3D Stereophonic Virtual Reality

  • FREE Online Support Consultant

  • Certified Hypnosis and NLP Practitioners


    Unlike Hypnosis Clinics, Minus Method™ requires no appointments or travel!


    MINUS METHOD™ 3D VIDEO, 2D VIDEO or AUDIO sessions allow you to enjoy your sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home PLUS you can share your sessions and 3D Virtual Reality glasses with family and friends whenever you wish!

Our LICENSED and CERTIFIED hypnotherapists and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners guide you through the process with enjoyable relaxing positive and beneficial suggestions using Minus Method™ unique 3D, 2D VIDEO and AUDIO LIGHT & SOUND Therapy PLUS...

 All Minus Method 3D Virtual Reality Packages INCLUDE FREE ONLINE CONSULTION and SUPPORT to help you reach your personal goals, such as smoking, overeating or relieving stress....Read MORE INFO and FAQS

All Features

fat to thin

Weight Loss

Minus Method™ 3D Virtual Reality Total Immersion Experience to help you lose weight easily and naturally without drugs, appointments or weigh-ins.

Minus Method™ Addiction Relief Hypnosis

Habits & Addictions

Minus Method™ change and/or replace patterns and reactions to help to overcome cravings for alcohol or tobacco, general stress and anxiety.

Minus Method™ Fears & Phobias

Fears and Phobias

Minus Method™ hypnosis provides an effective treatment to help to detach triggers and retrain reactions to phobias with a more neutral or positive response.

Minus Method™ Self Betterment

Self Betterment.

Minus Method™ Hypnosis sessions can help to boost confidence and help you develop or enhance skills, relieve stress, lower anxiety and increase self-esteem.